Ever Wonder Who’s Behind FCancer and Why? 🤔

We’ll here it is — the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

It’s nice to meet you! This is us, a group of people who think alike, who’ve all been touched in one way or another by cancer (as we are sure many of you out there have too)… so we decided to join our powerful skills and come up with a way to add our bit to the fight.

The result = Fcancer.org

We though, “Why not reach out to all the other awesome people out there with great #skills that cancer charities all over the world need?” and so that’s exactly what we did!

Listen to our full story on this video…

Here’s a little bio of the faces you’re going to see:

Sal: Founder

Oren: Founder

Julia: Project Manager

Noor: Founder

Karim: Project Manager

David: Marketing GURU

Edgar: IT genius

Ale: Community Manager (Me writing now!)

If you want to see more of our faces, you can check out our team bios here: https://fcancer.org/about/team

Written by the FCancer Project Team

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Weekly updates from the Fcancer team as well as our wonderful volunteers. Got skills? Then donate your time today at www.fcancer.org.

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