Technology Leveraged for Good — — Harnessing the Power of Tech.

How are non-profits using #Tech4Good?

Technology has become part of our everyday lives. From social media to smart cars, technological advances are making our lives easier and far more connected. And whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay…

Well, I didn’t like it.

I loathed Tech. It overwhelmed me, and I just couldn’t convince myself to give in. But when I jumped into the non-profit world, everything changed. I realized it could do more for us than share who’s the hottest celebrity via Twitter (Chris Pratt obviously), and I became rather curious with this question in mind.

How can technology be utilized for social change?

I did some research to answer the question above, and I discovered how non-profits are using #Tech4Good,

Here’s what I found…


StreetLink is a mobile app, website, and helpline working 24/7 to help connect the general public with the homeless. The app captures the location of the individual in need and communicates the information to local authorities in real-time. This groundbreaking technology through our mobile devices has aided thousands of people in England and Wales.

Charity Water

Charity Water uses 100% of public donations to fund water projects for communities around the world. To give donors a satisfaction of progress for their social movement, they prove each completed project using GPS coordinates on Google Maps. And through their virtual reality film, The Source, they shared a surreal experience for over 10,000 individuals to see their cause come to life.


FCancer wants to connect people possessing exceptional skills with cancer charities all over the world in need of services. With their elegant web design, they make it easy for volunteers to connect. Whether creating a marketing strategy, taking professional pictures, or writing a blog (like myself), FCancer has created a new form of charitable currency.

Want to be a part of this incredible #TechMovement? Check out these fresh resources to get involved!

Technology is the backbone for progression in our non-profits. It’s time to embrace it.

Written by Jacob Lundy

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Weekly updates from the Fcancer team as well as our wonderful volunteers. Got skills? Then donate your time today at

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