Three reasons why you should support cancer charities

Hotly contested as one of the most widely funded charity sectors, there are many different charities for the many different types of cancers.

Here are three reasons why you should support them. Whether that may be with your time, donations, or moral support, this is how you could make a difference.

  1. Prevention

Prevention of cancer, in particular prevention of secondary cancers, is an area that receives sparse time and resources. Clinicians simply do not have the time for extensive preventative education. This falls down to health policy and practice. By being involved with a cancer charity, by knowing about it, talking about it, thinking about it, you are creating awareness. Being a part of a wide community, passionate about the advancement of health care and survival in cancer can instil positivity and create a force to drive change. This positivity may be felt not only by you, but by those around you and ultimately may influence policy. By being a positive part of a bigger picture, and wanting to see a different future for cancer, you can be a pioneer and a change agent.

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  1. Research

Without research, there can be no progression in cancer treatments. New and innovative approaches to cancer research are important for advancements in understanding and improving cancer pathways. Research doesn’t always begin and end with drugs. Ensuring early detection and diagnosis, identifying risk factors in diet and lifestyle choices are all part and parcel of researching cancer. Although some may think the cancer pot is full of money, remember, research is cumulative. Research is bound to sometimes fail, and it is these failures that can influence and inspire new routes and ideas into cancer treatments. Research is not finite or determined, but it is hopeful. By donating money or time, and helping to build up the profiles of smaller charities too, you can influence larger corporate donations that might propagate larger or longer trials. Secure and reliable income for cancer charities is essential in ensuring continued research.

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  1. Morale

Supporting a charity, local or national, can help you get more involved in your community and boost your morale. Volunteering your time in person or remotely can be something that fits your lifestyles and needs, and can be as little or as much as you would like. Donating your skills and expertise can really make a difference to a charity in need and you too can reap the benefits. Being part of a big team of support can make a huge difference for people affected by cancer.

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Cancer is growing. It is widely known that everyone will be affected by cancer in one way or another in their lifetime. Be the difference you want to see in the world, and consider supporting a cancer charity in any way that suits you.

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